• Kyle Stoehr

COVID-19 Response - December 2020 Update

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Oconomowoc Manufacturing (OMCo) is currently open and operating at full strength, as well as working to ensure this status. We are a Tier 1 supplier to numerous "Essential Businesses" within "Critical Infrastructure" industries including food service and transportation. As a result, OMCo is being counted on by these companies to remain open and thereby proudly do our part to prevent disruption to these supply chains.

We are monitoring the situation daily in an effort to manage both the needs of our customers, while at the same time maintaining the safety and health of our employees as a top priority. Our offshore facilities are also operating at full strength as well. We have containers exiting China on a weekly basis, and to date we have not seen any additional delays due to port congestion. We are however still catching up from the extended delay experienced in China beyond the New Year holiday. While our facilities were among some of the earliest to be permitted to return to work, workers who had traveled home for the holiday were not all able to return as soon as the factories reopened.

Should offshore delays occur now or in the future, one of OMCo's competitive advantages is that we remain capable of domestically producing those bearing products that may typically be produced offshore due to various advantages such as higher-integrity steels and/or cost. Producing domestically typically incurs a 20-40% premium (depending on size, material and construction). Re-shoring may require production in low carbon, case hardened steels as compared to through-hardened high-carbon or chrome steels.

We have taken steps locally to combat against disruption due to illness as much as possible. In addition to educating regarding symptoms, hygiene (washing hands often and properly, coughing into elbows, not touching one's face), distancing when possible, and the importance of staying home if symptoms are perceived; we have increased our commitment to facility cleanliness and disinfection. We have extended two weeks of additional sick leave to our extremely dedicated production workers in an effort to combat any perceived need to work through illness or due to our company's well being, and have encouraged all office personnel to work from home if possible (including making IT enhancements to allow for this to occur for more individuals who previously could not). We are restricting non-essential business travel. As we lease out our lower office level and share a common entrance with the Lake Area Free Clinic, and although they are not actively treating COVID-19 and have temporarily closed for regular hours, we have instructed all office personnel to use alternative entrances through our factory entrances. We have invested in a medical-grade forehead thermometer, and are logging temperatures daily for all employees to ensure no fever is present. Any personnel exhibiting a temperature will be sent home WITH PAY and appropriately quarantined from the workplace. Our Chinese facility kindly air-shipped 1000 masks which our factory staff are routinely wearing during hours of operation.

Lastly, we have adopted a NO VISITORS policy until further notice. All entrances have been marked accordingly. All trucking and regular service companies have been notified that entry to our facility is restricted, and we have added a portable restroom to the outside of our facility for truck driver convenience.

As there is no road map for navigating these circumstances, please rest assured we’re doing everything we know how to do as professionals and as responsible citizens. It's our sincere hope that these measures will allow us to positively contribute to the greater good during these unprecedented and challenging times.

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