Non-Standard (ABEC & Non-ABEC)


Non-Standard (ABEC & Non-ABEC) Bearings

Oconomowoc originated as a niche supplier to the fenestration industry and is remains the largest manufacturer of sliding patio and screen door bearings in the US today. We service OEM requirements in the following primary industries, among others; material handling, automotive, agricultural, food and beverage equipment, appliance, furniture and hardware industries. Since 1964 we've produced more than 2000 bearing designs, each tailored in one complete design to economically meet unique and demanding application requirements such as; size, shape, material, fastening method, capacity, contamination prevention, temperature, lubrication, corrosion resistance and aesthetic characteristics. 

Due to flexible machining and automated, high-speed assembly processes (up to 3600 bearing assemblies per hour with one skilled assembly operator thereby reducing labor costs), our custom bearings are economical to produce, particularly in annual quantities of 5000 pieces or more. We welcome quantities lower than 5000 as well, which may benefit from using high volume standard components and/or tooling when possible. The majority of our bearing components are precision-machined on multi-spindle cam and/or CNC lathes, or cold formed from a wide variety of high-quality North American steels (for Wisconsin machining operations) – including carbon, stainless, chrome and brass. Optional integrated features of our bearing assemblies – such as housings, fastening method, composite tires, and secondary assembly components (i.e. castings, stampings, forgings, molded components, etc.) – can save costs by reducing or eliminating procurement, inventory and assembly requirements for our customers. Further, this strategy improves quality assurance by isolating threats to bearing damage from installation and simplify subsequent assembly operations. 


We are one of the last remaining North American manufacturers custom, unground, precision-machined bearings. This type of bearing typically utilizes a "full complement" of balls (contact between balls without a bearing retainer), resulting in more moderate speed capacities compared to ground, retained-ball bearings. It can also mean higher load and misalignment capacities depending on construction. 

When specifying bearings, application designers are often caught between the custom and economical benefits of precision-machined bearing and the high-speed and precision characteristics of standard ground bearings. Oconomowoc custom ABEC bearings are an excellent solution for motion applications where both custom and high-capacity requirements are of concern.