Engineered Assemblies

Engineered Bearing Assemblies

Engineered Bearing Assemblies

Oconomowoc Manufacturing engineered bearing assemblies decrease application costs by reducing or eliminating procurement, inventory and assembly requirements for our customers. In this process, precision-machined or ABEC ground bearings are assembled in addition to various other components (e.g., castings, cold formed parts, forgings, stampings, machined parts, poured urethane or injected molded plastic components, etc.) to produce a completely integrated product designed to meet unique application demands . Each engineered bearing assembly is inspected following completion, thereby improving overall performance integrity by eliminating the potential for improper installation – commonly considered the primary cause of premature bearing failure. As with all our products, engineered bearing assemblies are stocked following initial production and released per customer specification.


Examples include; conveyor trolleys and chains, conveyor rollers, sprockets, pulleys, sliding door hardware, casters, industrial wheels and telescoping drawer slides among others.

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