More than 2000 Proven Designs

Design & Development

With more than 2000 designs in our production portfolio, we are well suited to build to or improve upon existing specifications, or to design from scratch. And because of this experience, often we are able to incorporate high-volume, low-cost and well-proven standard components into a new finished assembly. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet unique and demanding application requirements such as; size, shape, material, capacity, contamination prevention, temperature, lubrication, corrosion resistance and aesthetic characteristics. 



Peace of mind in short. While we benefit from cost-effective dedicated offshore facilities and staff in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, China who we've worked with for two decades, we also maintain (20) multiple-spindle screw machines, injection mold and stamping equipment, a comprehensive Q&A laboratory including state-of-the-art vision inspection, and (14) automated assembly presses that allow for up to 3600 assemblies per hour by one skilled assembly operator in our 75,000 sq/ft Wisconsin facility. Especially in today's unpredictable trade climate, this redundant capacity and flexible efficiency - often that are cost neutral or even advantageous domestically - provide quality and delivery assurance that middlemen who live and die on "me-too" simply cannot. 

Over the past decade, and across mature industries, Oconomowoc has been awarded nine domestic and international patents, with additional international patents pending. Our engineering services are routinely complimentary and include the following as necessary; parametric modeling; reverse engineering, FMEA, metallurgical and composite analysis; rapid prototyping, product life testing, proof and tensile testing, and PPAP.