Architectural Casters

When Bill Donakowski, a mechanical engineer at University of California Berkeley's Space Sciences Lab, invented the hubless caster, he turned to Oconomowoc Manufacturing as a custom bearing expert to realize the engineering and production requirements of his revolutionary concept and Enso was born. Today, Enso is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oconomowoc Manufacturing and our client list includes visionary companies like Google and Microsoft among others.

Enso architectural casters are engineered for more than mere aesthetics. The result is a wheel that's exponentially stronger, smoother, quieter, more hygienic, more versatile for hard or soft flooring, and easier to install than standard furniture casters. A truly modern caster that, arguably for the first time, complements and completes the final product and space it occupies. The technology inside every Enso is covered by numerous US and International patents with additional international patents pending.


To learn more or to purchase, please visit www.ensomotion.com.