56 Years of US Bearing Manufacturing Experience

About Us

In 1964, and in order to service the custom bearing needs of the domestic fenestration (door and window) industry, Oconomowoc Manufacturing was established – named for the southeastern Wisconsin city (30 miles west of Milwaukee and 90 miles north of Chicago) where we're conveniently located.

Partners Donald Sydow and Mike Daley


Over the years, Oconomowoc has diversified from its primary market of fenestration (sliding doors and windows). While still a primary market, today our customer base is constituted by world-class leaders in the material handling, vehicle, agricultural, food and beverage equipment, medical, appliance, furniture and hardware industries (among many others). Our long-term success has been fueled by a proven formula of innovative and efficient component manufacture, high-speed automated assembly, and leveraging offshore manufacturing in dedicated facilities with whom we have worked with for two decades when prudent. Along the way, the company has received numerous honors, including three Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year awards, numerous international patents, and recognition by President George W. Bush for exemplary small business leadership. Of course, no accolade is held in higher regard by the company than the outstanding long-term tenure of both Oconomowoc personnel and our customers. Relationships. that span half a century attest to our inextinguishable commitment to provide the most accommodating service possible.



Oconomowoc Manufacturing's Corporate Integrity Policy entails providing each of our customers with absolute satisfaction. Essential to the success of this policy is that all employees actively contribute to minimizing defects, as well as continuously improve upon the quality of our products and the manufacturing process. We are proud of the products we supply; strive to be the most service-oriented company our customers may choose to work with; and are unconditionally committed to production integrity.


Our Corporate Integrity Policy is thus defined by an acronym – A.C.E. These letters represent the following core tenants each member of our organization pledges to adhere to: Accountability, Continuous Improvement, and Ethical Commerce.